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"Great Lakes believe that sheer caliber and diversity of the class participants makes a fertile ground for tremendous peer learning - a big learning component that is consciously leveraged and facilitated."

The PGXPM program participants are by intent and design sponsored by their companies to nurture the future leaders in their organization. Sponsorship is viewed in two ways: time away from work to attend classes and funding support. The program also admits self-employed entrepreneurs, family managed businesses members from next gen, senior service officers and professionals of comparable caliber to those sponsored by Corporates. Sponsors reap substantial benefits that begin early in the program and continue long after the participants have graduated. Great Lakes' action-oriented learning approach helps participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge for immediate business results. The program equips them to accept increased levels of responsibility and prepares them for global leadership. Beyond this, it provides the power of networking with the best in the peer group who would be the future leaders and the best of the international faculty - both could be life-long associations of immense enrichment.

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