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Great Lakes believe that Executive Learning is most effective when done specifically for an organization. Which means that the key training areas are identified and a program is devised based exclusively on these needs.

A customized management program that can be evolved based on the training requirements within any organization. This is based on the following principles:

  • A partnered approach to create holistic and focused learning programs
  • The greater our knowledge of the Client, the better the understanding and alignment with Client's Objectives, leading to improved value delivery
  • Learning by Doing' creates the opportunity for a 'fun' learning atmosphere, while at the same time provides a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to developing Action Plans for solving workplace challenges
  • Joint monitoring of Implementation of the developed Action Plans to facilitate Internalization of Key Learning
Executive learning- Partnered ProgramsCorporate Initiatives An Overview



Great Lakes has crafted an Approach Methodology that is rooted in the Principles enunciated above. The process has been carefully thought out to ensure maximum value creation and delivery to the Client, imbibing the insights and collective wisdom from numerous hours of Executive Learning delivery by its International faculty over the years.

Great Lakes has a very wise head on its young shoulders thanks to its unique architecture, constituted by the group of more than 100 world class faculty that are affiliated to it. An overview of the Process is shown in the schematic charts featured below.



Apart from the Partnered Programs Great Lakes will deliver continued learning to Corporates in various other ways like:

  • Storms to Sustained Success
  • Certificate Programs
  • Seminars, Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Lecture Tours by International Thought Leaders

These programs are built around either cutting edge Topics or World class faculty or both, where it is clear that appropriate target audience will definitely benefit from the contents of the program per se. Also, there is a prospect in future to assign Credits to the Certificate programs that are cumulatable towards a Diploma or EMBA.


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Great Lakes Executive learning is aimed at delivering 3-fold benefits to the Client. At the end of the programs the benefits are realised at 3 levels


The Learning process begin a continuous one, the first to benefits are the participants. They find themselves equipped with more knowledge, improved skills, deadened perspectives and increased overall competencies

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Group, Function, Department

The process is such that the functional group that they form part of also gain, since simultaneously collective learning happens to the Team in an interrelated symbiotic manner

Companywide, Strategic

Finally, the Approach methodology designs the program in full consonance within the Strategic frame work of the Client's Company and thus the learning and skill enhancement will enable superior performance to achieve the strategic objectives