A campus that is built not by bricks, but by hearts and souls of the students and the staff.

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Life @ Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
“Memories are the Timeless Treasures of the Heart….” The Initiation It seems as if it was just yesterday when I received an offer letter from Great Lakes and now, in just a blink of an eye, this beautiful journey has come to an end. The Gladiators (PGPM 2017-18 batch) are now well equipped with paramount […]

Chairman Emeritus Reconnect 58 – Economics & Financial Acumen
My dear friends, Economics and Finance have become the driving force of Humanity in modern times. A profound acumen is necessary for the empowerment of the whole of humanity to participate in an all-inclusive economic process. For example, providing good health care and quality education for the underprivileged or disadvantaged populations is not a charity […]

What does Great Lakes Institute of Management look for in a Candidate
“Do I possess the qualities required to get into a top B-School?” This is the question that goes through the minds of all professionals a few years into their careers. Great Lakes Institute of Management goes through thousands of applications each year and only a select few get accepted. So, what differentiates the selected applicants […]

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