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The Final Question
“A panel interview is also an opportunity to get to know more about the programme, and show that you’ve done your homework” Many candidates prepare for questions commonly asked by panels during admission interviews. There are a plethora of websites offering insights into the kind of questions asked and their probable answers. Usually, there is […]

XAT 2018 – Last Minute Tips and Strategies
With less than 72 hours to go for Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT 2018), you must be well prepared for one of the most coveted B-School entrance exams held in the country. In these crucial last few hours, there is no point in cramming up new things. What you need to do now is work towards […]

Chairman Emeritus Reconnect 57 – Spirituality
My dear friends, Spirituality originates from the term “spirit” or “soul” which is invisible and imperceptible. Therefore people at large avoid dealing with it. But, there are several invisibles like Electricity, Magnetism, X-rays, Gravity, Goodwill and Blessings which can’t be seen but felt, having their own relevance. India is believed to have “spirituality” in its […]

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