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Great Lakes Corporate Initiatives would also be responsible to explore and create, in collaboration with Industry, Centers of Excellence in focus areas, in order to improve Practices to meet the Real Life Needs in those areas, impart Training, network and bring in international Experts to provide State-of-the-Art knowledge, and cutting-edge Thinking. Towards this, Endowments/Grants, Scholarships and Awards would be instituted by Corporates for Chair Professorships, Fellowships for Focused Research in identified areas/topics towards defined ends and to the PGPM Students respectively.

In closing, it can be said that Great Lakes Corporate Initiatives is a strategic initiative whose time has come for Great Lakes to set in motion, to generate Industry-Institute networking, collaboration, Brand enhancement and beyond.



The unique Approach Methodology of the Partnered Programs described earlier gives rise to the other significant Corporate Initiatives -Management Consulting.

The Appreciative Enquiry and the subsequent interactions with the participants and the Stake-holders in the Executive Learning programs are going to surface significant insights about the organization.

In so far as these Insights pertain to the Human Resources, it is going to result in the Executive Learning delivery. Where such insights are either in the Processes & Systems, or in Technology or in Strategy, the solutions for them would belong to Consulting.

Given this Synergy, Great Lakes would service these Needs through their enviable set of Faculty access, giving top quality Consulting Solutions These could be Advisory in nature, or could also be Hands-on Delivery participation till results are achieved.

These could again be on an Assignment basis or on a Tenure basis, as per the wish and convenience of the Client.