PGPM 2021 Live Projects

The PGPM Class of 2021 took up live projects in a broad spectrum of industries including Education, Artificial Intelligence, FMCG, Healthcare, Media Entertainment, and Real Estate to name a few. Students were mentored by top leadership of leading companies, including CEOs, Founders, Heads of Marketing, etc., guided by their vast experience and perspectives. Below are the details of the live projects undertaken during the academic year 2020-21.

Classification of Projects

Functional Classification

Functional Classification

Industry Classification

Industry Classification

Live Projects Undertaken

Industry Funtion Corporate Mentor Problem Statement
IT & ITES Marketing CEO To study the future of e-commerce in retail market and understand consumer confidence in online purchase for different product categories 
AI, Analytics & Cybersecurity Marketing Co-Founder To create an agility matrix for companies with regard to cybersecurity
Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment Marketing CEO & Co-Founder To conceive & execute digital & social media based brand building strategies to improve the reach of a media & entertainment company in B2C sector.
AI, Analytics & Cybersecurity Marketing CEO & Co-Founder To perform customer journey mapping, product driven market research & conversation design for live customers
Education Marketing CEO To analyse the competition in ed-tech industry and identify methods to improve outreach and delivery of the courses offered
Real Estate & Automobile Digital Marketing Marketing Lead To design and implement digital marketing strategy for an autobobile services company
Healthcare & Research Analytics CEO & Founder To create account based marketing plan for key target accounts
AI, Analytics & Cybersecurity Marketing Marketing Head To perform market and competitor analysis and research on customer perceived value for visual avatars/ conversational AI products
FMCG, E-Commerce & Manufacturing Sales Vice President To find potential customers within the target market, and probable decision makers at the target company; then establish contact (Phone/Email/Social) with potential decision makers at the target company
Education Marketing CEO & Founder To promote the brand through various forms of digital media (both on-page and off-page optimization)
Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment Marketing CEO To analyse and present a report on the increase in advertising spends of brands, from offline to digital marketing, over the past 6 months
Real Estate & Automobile Marketing Marketing Lead To build brand awareness using brand marketing, content marketing using social media and digital marketing for an automobile services company
Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment Marketing Co-Founder To analyse and present a report on the increase in advertising spends of brands, from offline to digital marketing, over the past 6 months.
Education Marketing CEO To increase the market share, create brand identity and presence, analyse the competition, understand well-established current players of the organisation
IT & ITES Market Research & Analytics Engagement and Operations Manager To improve the customer traction globally, target the right customers, understand and implement best practices to scale & enable the business globally, and improve the awareness of services both on print and social media
IT & ITES Marketing Growth Manager   To expand ommunities of engineers which are a major channel through which marketing content is distributed by 10 fold
Education Marketing Chief Content Officer To perform segmentation of an ed-tech firm's users and customers
FMCG, E-Commerce & Manufacturing Marketing Director - Marketing To build strategies to increase consumer base, grow order traction and suggest new features for the product
FMCG, E-Commerce & Manufacturing Operations Chief Operations Officer  To create a competency catalogue, identify proficiency requirements & training needs, impart training, check training effectiveness, and success monitoring across departments
Real Estate & Automobile Marketing Co-Founder To expand client base for residential and commercial sectors, generate fresh leads of buyers looking to buy/invest in Indian real estate
Education Marketing Founder To understand the target audience, their online behavior and engagement levels to strategize an impactful way of interacting, analyze ad conversions and come up with future suggestions, segregate audiences and communicate with them, build a more personalized and relatable connection, and look at ways on improvising and customizing email marketing campaigns

To explore opportunities and build a strategy to boost social media presence, develop strategies to create unique brand value and build more customer base, look at how to monetize from Youtube videos

To ramp up process by leveraging counsellors, help with current data collection tools to smoothen  functioning from a futuristic point of view allocate KPIs to each of the counsellors to improvise and increase their productivity, help in identifying and classifying prospects/leads basis their status - hold/cold/dead

To understand and research competitors in the target market and analyze their marketing campaigns, advanced product features, and their social media presence, identify the USP of the product and develop strategies to build customer base

To perform SEO, improve content with suitable keywords, design a strategy for improved and intuitive user interface for seamless customer experience across all devices
Education Marketing Founder To simplify the concepts of management and analytics so that a student can understand these concepts intuitively, and use word-of-mouth to build trust and we have limited spend on marketing in the digital space
FMCG, E-Commerce & Manufacturing Analytics Co-Founder To work on a plan for business profitability Improvement
Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment Marketing CEO & Co-Founder To conceive and execute digital & social media-based brand building strategies to improve the reach of the a media & entertainment firm in both B2C and B2B sectors
Staffing & Recruitment Marketing Senior Manager - Digital Marketing To perform a detailed study of seeker engagement process, evaluate current process, evaluate competition seeker engagement process, and suggesting best practices new ways to reach out to job seekers through digital medium & others
Healthcare & Research Marketing & Operations CEO To improve process efficiencies of medical billing and administrative services to drive profitability, to generate higher traffic for the training & development program by analyzing the market and channelizing the demand
FMCG, E-Commerce & Manufacturing Marketing Head of D2C To generate trial and engagement among families with kids via unconventional methods.
IT & ITES Marketing Growth Manager To launch the free trial model of a product by the company
FMCG, E-Commerce & Manufacturing Marketing Chief Sales Officer To analyse the scope of growth of the industrial, speciality and packaging grades of paper, imports and prices, scope of producing in India, and scope of moving from plastic to paperboard packaging 
Education Marketing CEO To analyse sales and marketing program using AI and machine learning
Education Marketing Co-Founder To help develop new product lines based on primary as well as secondary research, facilitate B2B as well as B2C sales for it new as well as existing product lines, increase the digital presence of the company and thus focus on improving the market share and increase traction towards the firm
Education Analytics CEO To create a brand identity by extensive and aggressive marketing campaigns, and to analyse the competition and identify methods to improve outreach and delivery of present programs
Education Marketing CEO & Co-Founder To develop a product roadmap to align with the industry best practices, and devise and execute strategic initiatives to improve per week leads flow to the desired level


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  • University of Bordeaux
  • UMKC
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