Student Achievements

1st Prize at Annual Analytics Case Study Competition organized by IIT Kanpur
Devrupp Banerjee (PGDM 2018-20) and Debojyoti Maity (PGDM 2018-20)

1st Prize at Global Business Operations Case Study Competition organized by SRCC.
Mrinal Kuniyal (PGDM 2018-20), Madhav Harish (PGDM 2018-20) and Neha Arora (PGDM 2018-20)

1st Prize at UDAAN -The Case Study Competition organized by MT Ghaziabad.
Rohit Padia (PGDM 2018-20), Manpreet Singh (PGDM 2018-20) and Simranjeet Singh (PGDM 2018-20)

1st Prize at Vishleshan 2019 Competition organized by DU -School of Business Economics held at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) New Delhi.
Akhil Gupta (PGDM 2018-20), Aquib Ghauri (PGDM 2018-20) and Jay Jain (PGDM 2018-20)

Top 10 Position at Think Equity Think QGLP organized by Motilal Oswal.
Surya Jain (PGDM 2019-21), Shubham Goyal (PGDM 2019-21) and Dhaval Jain (PGDM 2019-21)

4th Prize (Special Jury Award) at Big Idea Business Plan Contest organized by V-Guard.
Dhaval Jain (PGDM 2019-21), Prity Malani (PGDM 2019-21) and Surya Jain (PGDM 2019-21)

Runner Up Position at B-School Competition organized by Fore School Of Management Delhi.
Akhil Gupta (PGDM 2018-20) and Suraj Sharma (PGDM 2018-20)

Runner Up Position at HR conclave 5.0 organized by MDI Gurgaon.
Avnish Tiwari (PGPM 2019-20), Anurag Chatterjee (PGPM 2019-20) and Manoranjan Ghosh (PGPM 2019-20)

3rd Prize at Finance Competition organized by IIM Kashipur.
Aniket Mathur (PGDM 2019-21), Mudith Bhandari (PGDM 2019-21) and Piyush Kakkar (PGDM 2019-21)

2nd Prize at Karmaanta Paramarsh - The Business Fest organized by IIM Raipur.
Ramya Krishnan (PGDM 2018-20), Ayush Kothari (PGDM 2019-21) and Tanishka Singla (PGDM 2019-21)

2nd Prize at Kurukshetra NRS Case Study Competition organized by KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai.
Bharadwaj Parvastu (PGDM 2019-21), Omkar Lalage (PGDM 2019-21) and Sumi Hamilton (PGDM 2019-21)

3rd Prize at Comstrat 2019 organized by FCB Ulka at KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai.
Adarsh IR (PGDM 2019-21), Divya Bhatt (PGDM 2019-21) and Midhat Kamil (PGDM 2019-21)

1st Prize at Business Line on Campus Boardroom Challenge (Delhi Chapter) organized by The Hindu Business Line.
Hari Vignesh (PGPM 2019-20), Sai Prathyusha Doppalapudi (PGPM 2019-20), Archana Mishra (PGPM 2019-20) and Abhishek Sharma (PGPM 2019-20)


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • University of Bordeaux
  • UMKC
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