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Mr. Rajendra Srivastava, MD, Nuclear and Renewable Energy, ALSTOM India
Condition of Nuclear Power in India
07 November 2013
Mr. Rajendra Srivastava, MD, Nuclear and Renewable Energy, ALSTOM India

It was an enlightening experience to have Mr. Rajendra Srivastava, MD of Nuclear and Renewable Energy, ALSTOM India to brief us on the topic of the present ‘Condition of Nuclear Power in India’. He talked about what all challenges the country is facing on the development of the whole sector and what are the key challenges that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to establishing a sound nuclear power network.

The main reasons he gave for the same were mainly the regulatory policies, manufacturing capacity of the nuclear units and the shortage of supply from the man, materials etc. 

He also talked about the improvisations that are currently being brought about by the companies today to manufacture smart reactors and how the old technology is being ousted to replace it with something new. However his views converged on the fact that for any development of this industry will require lot of efforts from the government on the whole as well as the intrinsic nature of the organization and the companies needs to be revamped. The dogmatic approach towards the usage of the nuclear power also needs to be overhauled and its use as a potential source of renewable energy needs to be explored. With all these changes he expects a safe haven for the nuclear power as whole in the country and concluded his speech with a view that changes are happening slowly and steadily and that  with time we would be able to see nuclear energy as our means to justify the end of energy shortage in India.

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