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Dr. Jami Hossain, Chief Mentor & Co-founder, WinDForce Management Services
Wind Energy Power Projects
30 October 2013
Dr. Jami Hossain, Chief Mentor & Co-founder, WinDForce Management Services

Dr.Hossain who was involved in the setup of India\'s first grid connected wind farm, kicked off the lecture with a brief outline on the sources of energy, energy sources distribution around the globe and highlighted the problems faced by the world due to fossil fuels (global warming) and thus suggesting the reason for more focus on Renewable sources of energy.


Dr. Hossain then portrayed how renewable energy not only can help solve issues pertaining to global warming but can also serve as a boon to those with very little/no access to energy. This, he believes will act as the driving force to develop/invest in renewable energy. 

He then introduced some facts and figures on wind energy. Some of these are - 

- In the year 1997, the worldwide capacity for wind energy was less than 82000 MW. In contrast, the 2013 worldwide capacity is a very promising 325000 MW. 

- China leads the charts for installed capacity of wind energy - a capacity of 80000 MW. The USA is second on the charts, with an installed capacity of 60000 MW and India currently has an installed capacity of 20000 MW.

- In the year 1984 the wind farm size was 500 KW, whereas the wind farm size in 2013 is about 500 MW. 

- Similarly, land was the only location used for constructing wind farms. Today, offshore plants are a reality.  

The future looks favorable for the Indian market, with encouraging government policies like those favoring setting up of offshore wind farms; clearly indicate the focus of the country. 

Dr. Hossain proceeds to indicate some of the major challenges faced by all players involved in the setup of a wind farm (developers, government and utilities).

Some of the challenges that a country like India faces are:-

- Wind speed data,

- A fluctuating Source,

- Geographically disbursed, 

- Access to the grid, 

- Land acquisition, and 

- Financing. 


The lecture concluded with Dr. Hossain covering the key elements involved in the development of a wind farm, the risks involved and showed us a sample project outline for the setup of a wind farm. 


Dr. Jami Hossain is Chief Mentor and Co- Founder of WinDForce Management Systems Private Ltd. 

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