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Anurag Agrawal - Vice President - Benett and Coleman and Co. Ltd.
Industry Lecture - Customer Centric Business
09 September 2015
Anurag Agrawal - Vice President - Benett and Coleman and Co. Ltd.

"The quality of a product/service is not what you put into it, but what the customer gets out of it". - Peter Drucker

The heart of a customer-centric approach in business is to think everything else in terms of how it will benefit the end user. This is what Mr. Anurag Aggarwal stressed upon in his interaction with the Samurais. His long stint with Tata Sky made him an expert at achieving customer delight. He belives customer service does not begin after the product is purchased but right from the time of customer acquisition. He advised us to increase the chances of success of a business by trying to find answers to - "Who is buying?" "Why is he buying?" "Why is he choosing us over competitors?" "Are there ways and means to analyze feedback and make corrections in service?" "Does top management meet customers?"

He was flooded with questions in the end. One of the questions he found interesting was "the newspapers he subscribes to" - to which he gave a very logical answer - HT to see what the competitor is doing, TOI to check what his publishing team missed out and ET for the overall business outlook.



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