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The quality of classroom teaching at Great Lakes is truly world class - certainly among the finest in the country. Our faculty is comparable to the best in the world in their respective disciplines. Full-time faculty have degrees from leading American (e.g. Carnegie Mellon University, University of Maryland, Temple University, University of Tennessee) or Indian B-schools (e.g. IIM, Calcutta). Full-time faculty continues to publish in leading journals worldwide on a consistent basis. While some full-time faculty - armed with a PhD from leading schools - have considerable research experience, others have extensive corporate experience in some of the finest companies, and thus ensuring students get an eclectic perspective of business issues. Full-time faculty undertakes consulting assignments for leading Indian and multinational companies.

In summary, students at Great Lakes get exposed to outstanding teachers. In fact, Great Lakers that graduate are able to vividly recall several classes even after many years. Such is the impact of our remarkable professors on students.

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