Business Process Optimization in Fuel Stations

There is a misconception about fuel stations all over the world. Since fuel stations are supposed to be amongst the most dynamic businesses in terms of wheel falls, one would think that operating a fuel station would be both lucrative and recession proof. However, it is a business that runs on thin operating margins and largely depends on the efficiency of its operating processes. A thumb rule of the industry says that a fuel station loses 40% of its value in two weeks of non-operation. The operating margins are squeezed by both buy and sell sides of the equation and are predominantly influenced by fluctuating demand and large variable costs that include inventory, supply chain, service delivery and maintenance costs. Therefore the inevitable challenge lies in keeping the variable costs as low as possible.

This empirical study was conducted to find out how fuel stations can increase their profitability by optimizing their business processes parameters like EOQ and mainly deals with various ways to reduce carrying costs and transportation costs by having better reorder points in Motor Spirit i.e. petrol. There is a high scope for increasing profitability by increasing the operating margins and this study deals precisely with that.

This empirical study also develops a generic model that can be applied to any fuel station thereby eliminating the need for station-specific-models and finds out the contributing percentage for each of the factors in increasing the operating efficiency of petrol bunks. With this knowledge, fuel stations can afford to focus their efforts on models that are more profitable, thereby increasing their razor-thin operating margins and hence, revenues. © International Journal of Management and Development Studies (IJMDS)

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