Sustaining Profitability through Customer centricity

Open Enrollment Program

Every professional engaged in product development, product planning and marketing is constantly seized with the question of how the target customers value the various attributes of their product or service. For instance, what attributes associated with the experience of flying from Mumbai to Delhi are customers willing to pay more for? Is it on-time performance, in-flight service, ease of getting tickets and boarding pass, specific seat selection, spending less time in lines, etc. Can this be methodically determined?

The objective of the program was to understand what aspects of marketing are more important and how much does the market prefer Brand A over Brand B. The program provided an overview of Customer Profitability, Conjoint analysis techniques, card sort exercise and Revenue management. Conjoint analysis is a customer-focused approach to product and service planning and pricing. It is used more than 14,000 times each year by companies around the world to help in this process.

Student Achievements

Winners - Litmus Case study competition conducted by SIMC

Abhishek Jain, Harleen Wahi

Winners - 'Anti Muda', Inter college Operations Competition conducted by LIBA

Vishal Drolia, Yash Sobti

Runners up - 'The Grail', Business Plan competition conducted by BIM, Trichy

Kishore Kumar R, Sampath Selvan, Joyeeta Mukherjee

Winners  - 'Say What', a marketing competition conducted by IIM Shillong

Arnav Talwar

Article published in Samvad : WE school student magazine, Welingkar college, Mumbai

Arnav Talwar, Inder Deep Singh

Runners up - Ca$e Anova, Rural Marketing Case study competition conducted by IIM Trichy

Gajendra Sisodia, Tanya Seth, Deepika Solanki

Winners - Pinnacle Ad-ah, a Marketing Plan Competition conducted by IIM Trichy

Abhishek Jain, Harleen Wahi, Inder Deep Singh