Karma Yoga Convention – 9 Feb 2013

Karma Yoga Convention - 9 Feb 2013 The Annual Karma-Yoga Convention is an all-inclusive platform that brings together farmers, businessmen, self-help groups, non-governmental organizations, students, local Panchayat leaders and every stake-holder relevant in the rural development schema together under one roof. With the festive air of a carnival, staging music, dance and theatre, discussion forums and more, we invite you to a day that is dedicated to celebrating the colourful cultures and talents of the local people as well as to address some of the raging socio-economic issues in our villages.

What is Karma-Yoga?

In sync with our mission of holistic development of personality -- inculcating passion with compassion, ability with humility, mobility with nobility, and success with integrity -- we have developed a Leadership Experiential Project (LEP) called Karma-Yoga . The project, guided by Dr. Venkat R. Krishnan (Director, Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research) is a unique medium for students to connect with ground realities and experientially learn transformational-leadership. The LEP creates a mutual win-win situation for both the students and the twenty villages that have been adopted by Great Lakes. While the villages get budding managers to enable the villagers to lift themselves unto their better selves, the students acquire a first-hand understanding of what it means to create followers and transform them.

"To lead people, walk behind them"- Lao Tzu

  1. 1. Village Festival ( ):- Walk through a colourful maze of stalls displaying local crafts and delicacies. Music and dances galore!

  2. 2. Progressive Partnerships ():- "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory"- Ralph Waldo Emerson. As someone rightly put it, the secret truly is to gang up on the problem rather than be consumed by it alone. A panel discussion session on the topic "Changing Trends in Rural Communities: A look at livelihoods, education and social interface of communities". In this session, we will listen to and watch examples of several organizations that have been working on issues relevant to community-development, specifically whose work has impacted the people in the villages adopted by us through this project. Alongside, we will listen to individuals from our villages who dare to aspire and other organizations that may be interested in working in this set-up. With this clash of the minds, one can expect to witness a supernova of thought-currents and at the end of it, a path laid anew, to transform and to redefine.

Student Achievements

Lokesh Aggarwal, Mamta Singh, Manish Ladkani

Winners, strategy-based event "Industry Inc." held at S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

Jivitesh Patra

Runners Up in Currency Wars- an online Forex trading event conducted by Arcturus, IIM Trichy

Abhash Nigam, Sathya Udayakumar, Shreya Sharma

3rd position in Circus Maximus event held by the Marketing Association at XLRI (MAXI)
during Ensemble 2012 at XLRI, Jamshedpur

Nandita Krishnan, Harish Vijayarangan

Third place, Quest, live case study competition, NMIMS

Arnav Talwar, Himanshu Varandani

Third place, Abhyutthan, Marketing competition, IIT Bombay

Kriti Dua and Sankalp Parihar

Article published as ‘Article of the Issue’ in Septmeber-October 2012 issue of TogetHR,
Magazine by IIM-Shillong

Binoy Varghese, Vishal Kumar Sinha

Article published on Will FDI Really Support Indian Economy, Reflexionar Management
Magazine, BITS Pilani

Gaurav Bhatia and Deepak Sharma

3rd position in the event NIYANT at National B-School event Milestone 35, IMT Nagpur

Sri Hariharan Subramaniyan

First place, Article writing competition, Marketing Cell of Masters of International Business
(MIB), Delhi School of Economics

Ruchika Salhotra and Ratnakar Srivastava

Article published in Reflexionar, October 2012 edition, BITS-Pilani

Kriti Dua & Sankalp Parihar

Regional Winners, 9th National Competition for Management Students, AIMA, Bangalore

Kriti Dua & Sankalp Parihar

Article Published in DSM Chronicle, Delhi School of Management

Himanshu Varandani

Article published in Markezine, October Edition, IMT – Ghaziabad