Store environment’s impact on variety seeking behavior

An individual always seeks for change over time and this tendency is known as Variety Seeking behavior. Through this research the author attempts to discover Store environment factors that can be controlled to help induce variety seeking behavior in individuals.

In this research the author studies the effect of store environment, personality variables, optimum simulation level (OSL) and deal proneness. The store environment has been studied in terms of layout, lighting, music and employees which provides an overall perspective to the study and helps the store owners to manage their store environment. Also the individual characteristics have been studied in terms of deal proneness and optimum stimulation level.

The research was conducted with over 200 individual respondents comprising of 38% females and 62% males. The survey was conducted using a questionnaire where people were specifically asked to rate their different store variables such as scent, light, music etc. The questions were also asked about the individual characteristics such as deal proneness and optimum stimulation level.

The research clearly finds that store environment affects variety seeking behavior directly and also finds that OSL and deal proneness drive variety seeking. It is also clear that the effect of store environment is the largest one and hence store managers should invest more in store environment, like training store personnel, improving the layout and assortment, making the lighting attractive and by having appropriate scent and music. The research also found that music, light, scent, employees and layout were relatively less important compared to assortment and hence retail managers can focus on having a wider assortment while continually trying to improve other factors.

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