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Corporate Lecture Series

Dr. Richa Pande, Igate
November 29, 2012

Dr. Richa Pande

Dr. Pande spoke about the importance of HR department in organizations and about the importance of management skills and the role ownership expected from the line managers. She also urged the students to do their part in making the best use of the HR initiatives like rewards and recognition, performance management system, feedback, training and development for propagating the organizational culture and engaging their subordinates and colleagues once they joined their future organizations.

Innovation is the way to go!
Mr. S.S Prasad Satyavolu, Global Head – Innovation (Manufacturing), Cognizant Technology Solutions
November 29 , 2012

Mr. S.S Prasad Satyavolu

Mr. Prasad had a very informal but thought provoking discussion on innovation in business with the students. He emphasized that companies like Google, IBM, and Cognizant are excelling in innovation by forming a close knit community. He also shared his thoughts on how new age technology can help people overcome behavioral issues they face at the process of innovation and shared examples of how by applying the known to unknown areas, companies can always have an edge over the others in field of innovation.

The importance of Story telling in marketing
Mr. Sabapathy N, Marketing Consultant
November 2, 2012

Mr. Sabapathy N

Mr. Sabapathy presented a unique concept on how one can present business ideas in form of storytelling. He highlighted the impact of storytelling had and how personal storytelling can translate into business success. He emphasized that stories have the strength to make powerful points and move people emotionally. He also took the students through the 9 step process of storytelling and asked everyone to look into their lives and search for stories which they could narrate to get ahead in their lives!

Branding : From Customer benefit to your benefit
Mr. Abe Peck, Professor Emeritus and Director of B2B Communication at the Medill School of Journalism / North western University
October 10, 2012

Mr. Abe Peck

Mr. Peck shared his acumen on the brand development process and spoke about the importance of brand assessment in the overall architecture of the brand. He also gave the students insights on the role of a brand in reaching out to the customers and giving them reasons to believe in the product. Abe tried and explained the concepts by citing real examples and bringing in the macro forces like demographics, psychographics and technology to explain how a customer's mind is shaped and hence how a brand is developed in accordance to it

Latest Branding approaches in US
Prof. Sudio Sudarshan, Brand Reality Strategist, Professor of Marketing at Hult International Business School
October 5, 2012

Prof. Sudio Sudarshan

Prof. Sudio Sudarsan, a brand reality strategist at 11powerN, Manhattan-based brand consulting firm shared insights on the latest branding strategies used in the US. A recognized expert of reptilian brain mapping, he gave insights on role of branding strategy in a digital culture and also gave a sneak peek on his lizard brain branding theory.

Blue Ocean Strategy
Prof. George Eapen, Affiliate professor at INSEAD and visiting prof. at Moscow School of Management
September 18, 2012

Prof. George Eapen

Prof. Eapen put the Blue ocean strategy in a nutshell by saying it's all about identifying the non-customer and catering to their needs, thereby creating differentiation and helping build the brand. He also touched upon the difference between red ocean strategy and blue ocean strategy and the corresponding merits and demerits of each. He also introduced the students to the five-step path to innovation.

Social Media
Dr. Bala Iyer,
August 28, 2012

Dr. Bala Iyer

Dr. Bala spoke about the importance Social media has gained today and shared the various ways of engaging present and potential customers through the social media and thus enhancing and sustaining the brand awareness and reach. He also emphasized on the importance of being tech-savvy and shared examples of the successful business, brands and personalities' reputations built and destroyed due their social media activities. 

& CFO – Major League Baseball

Real-world issues in Management
Mr. Jonathan Mariner, EVP
August 20, 2012

Mr. Jonathan Mariner

Mr. Mariner emphasized on focusing and being good in one's functional area of expertise. He also spoke about the responsibilities that come with being a CFO of  an organization which is under constant scrutiny of the media. Mr. Mariner shared not only operations, marketing, processes and risk management lessons but also some of his insightful life principles he has gained over the years.

Are you an Alien?
Mr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy, MD – Resources Global Professionals
August 22, 2012

Mr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Mr. Mahesh piqued a lot of interest due to the unusual choice of topic which he explained by asking the students to consider themselves as aliens to think differently, out of the box. He focused on the global shifts from traditional to risk taking and urged the students to be creative and to take risk without the fear of failure. Mr. Mahesh also admonished the group to unlearn, know more and be open to ideas and shared the importance of rejuvenating oneself, and making the best possible use of opportunities.

Global Drugs trafficking scenario
Mr. Ramachandra Sundaralingam, International Drugs Expert - Interpol
May 11, 2012

Mr. Ramachandra Sundaralingam

Mr. Ramachandra Sundaralingam's lecture was filled with rich anecdotal references interspersed with the ominous nature of future awaiting the progeny. He shared with the class, the 'global drug trafficking' scenario; modes of mischief and notoriety that Italian, Columbian and Russian mafia are known for. He also explained how the fall of communism and the globalization thereof throttled the drug trafficking and propelled it into new heights hitherto impossible.