A campus that is built not by bricks, but by hearts and souls of the students and the staff.

Typical Day

From small beginnings come great things. The narrow ray of sunlight through the windows of my hostel complements the outrageous hum of my alarm clock and I wake up just as the corporate hub of Gurgaon gets earsplitting by the sounds of myriad natured vehicles and people. On my way towards canteen after a morning shower, my energy gets rejuvenated listening to The Beatles being played in an anonymous room. I get to see fellow Great Lakers busy in shuffling news papers and brain storming about climate or food and water shortage in India while the nice aroma of Idli and Sambhar wakes me up again and I head towards the breakfast counter. The roller coaster ride of these small but exhilarating group talks take us to the classroom even before we realize.

Great Lakers are always encouraged, groomed and mentored to think ethically so that students can be more sensitive towards community and nature. Since the institute is a student run organization almost all students get busier throughout the day with meetings and activities for numerous committees like Events committee, Alumni committee, Branding and Public Relations committee, Social Services committee, Industry Interaction and Placement committee and Centre of innovation and Entrepreneurship committee.

The day gets filled with the company of bright and wonderful classmates from all parts of our country and variety of industries. The campus bears a unique energy which drives everybody and students can be found exchanging their ideas with professors or industry lecturers who come on regular basis to interact with students from all sectors of the country’s industries. The case study based pedagogy adopted at Great Lakes helps us think analytically and connect the various dots of our economy and its functioning. The Great Lakes campus offers ample opportunities to explore the horizons of our mind and analyze all paradigms of apprehensions to our society through industry and society relevant learning experience. Various clubs like energy club, sports club, renewable club, arts club and editorial club keep us busy after classes and allow us to explore our passions together.

The daylight fades but our relentless quest for knowledge and the answers keep humming around our heads as we proceed towards our beautiful hostel. The comprehensive and matter-of-fact lectures by some of the eminent minds are unique and equip us with the necessary tools to tackle real world problems. As the evening approaches towards an end the nocturnal few start gearing themselves up for long and tiring activities related to academic research and others end up watching a great movie. After a considerate amount of nyctophilia we eagerly look forward to another happening day at the campus.

Vulcan, PGPM Energy Class of 2015

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