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Great Lakes flagship full time Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) is uniquely designed to deliver customer-centricity, meritocracy and corporate ethics in one year. It facilitates students' understanding of the interaction between the various functional areas of a business system and offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, Operations and Analytics thereby appreciating the need for developing cross-functional perspectives in business. The program has been designed by the Academic Advisory Council, which comprises the best in the world of managerial academia. This in turn has been streamlined with inputs from the Institute's illustrious Business Advisory Council, to keep it in sync with the needs of an ever changing market place.

Great Lakes academic experience provides umpteen opportunities to hone one’s professional and personal acumen. By giving exposure to eminent faculty it helps one to imbibe confidence, competition and discipline Along with these, the best take away is the collective knowledge and personal interaction with the professionals of varied industry backgrounds.
- Sri Rama Krishna Ganiseti
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

My Great Lakes, Gurgaon experience has been phenomenal! I remember the first day at college, all new and unknown to this day where it feels like home! With oceans of learning, profound practice and sincere dedication to work, I am definite to be trained successfully for the corporate world!
- Surbhi Pathak
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

Meeting awesome people from various parts of India, learning their perspectives, giving impromptu presentations, having a hearty laugh at 2 am in hostel, working on a stretch without a holiday, and managing group dynamics;surely it has been exciting!
- Sumit Preet Singh
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

Learning from the best and most accomplished faculty in India and a diverse set of peers has helped me broaden my thought process. Great Lakes, Gurgaon givesus an opportunity to explore, to experiment and to transform ourselves for the better in a short span of one year.
- Deepti Balakrishnan
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

Well, it is a mix of a lot of study, a lot of group-work, a lot of meeting interesting people, a lot of walking around and a lot of parties. It is, in a nutshell, a “Great” experience!
- Yogesh Babu GS
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

Never ending assignments, exams and that appalling feel on results day is a routine of my PGPM program. PGPM has a wide variety of subjects, from which I chose to major in, coached by eminent resident and visiting faculties. What amazes me the most is that despite hectic schedules, students love to plunge in a pool of extracurricular activities, form effective student committees to taking part in B-School competitions!
- Annet Serena Eric
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

Great Lakes, Gurgaon provided an opportunity to interact with various industry leaders who taught me to think broadly about issues we typically do not consider important in our everyday work environments. The one on one mentorship sessions have been instrumental in encouraging relentless inquisitiveness and sustained focus towards achieving individual goals.
- Amol Khambayat
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

The program launches you smack in the middle of the fast lane and provides you all the support and guidance you’d need to keep up. You grapple to keep it all together during the fast-paced first few weeks, dusting yourself off every time you take a tumble and pressing on. Halfway into the program, as I write this, looking back at what we’ve been through, I see a different me; apart from the obvious knowledge I’ve gained, I find myself noticeably tougher, more organized in managing time, more meticulous with details and a better team worker.
- Robin Rajan
Titan, PGPM Class of 2014

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