Commencement of PGPM Batch 2017-18

Commencement of PGPM Batch 2017-18

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, welcomed its 6th batch of PGPM students on 17th May 2017 at the USI Auditorium, New Delhi. The event was graced by the presence of Mr Sharat Dhall, President,

Dr Himadri Das, Director, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon delivered the welcome address to the 120 students in attendance and introduced them to the history, journey, achievements and feats of this prestigious institute, its faculty and its students. Following the Great Lakes tradition, Dr Das named the latest PGPM batch - Gladiators. He also gave them a glimpse of the institute's associations, academic advisory council and business advisory council which is comprised of giants like Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Kumarmangalam Birla, Dr Philip Kotler and many other celebrated personalities. Dr Das then concluded his welcome address by sharing the class profile of Gladiators with them and wishing them luck for the eventful year that lies ahead of them.

The stage was then taken over by Professor Umashankar Venkatesh, Program Director, PGPM, Great Lakes, Gurgaon and he moved everyone with his powerfuloration. He congratulated the students for getting selected in one of the best B-schools of the country and shared the itinerary of the following year with them. He concluded his congratulatory address by emphasizing on the fact that the one year at Great Lakes will be a life changing experience for all of the students.

Padmashree Dr Bala V. Balachandran, Founder of the Institute, then addressed the students via video conferencing from Chicago and motivated everyone in attendance to be energetic in life. Elaborating on the importance of being energetic in one's career, Dr Bala told the students that the hiring of a candidate takes place within 5 minutes of him/her walking inside the interview room and the rest of the process is nothing more than a fa├žade. The interview panel observes a candidate's body language, posture, confidence, and makes the decision of hiring/not hiring based on these parameters within minutes of the commencement of the interview.

He quoted that "the world is completely changing with the disruptive technology, disruptive mind-set, disruptive business models, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence; and in such a dynamic environment if you keep on practicing and teaching the traditional MBA, you'll be finding yourself out of place." He then urged the students to make the most out of their one year at the campus and indulge in learning both inside and outside the classroom. He asked the students to stay focused throughout their tenure and utilize the entire 7.2 acre campus for learning with their peers. He concluded his welcome address by saying, "you have to have passion with compassion, you have to have abilities with humility, mobility with nobility and you have to succeed, succeed with integrity."

After a huge round of applause, Dr Bala wished "Good Luck" to all the students and left the stage open for the Chief Guest of the evening, Mr Sharat Dhall, President, Mr Dhall enlightened everyone with his 20 plus years of experience in marketing and shared the key qualities to imbibe in one's personality for being successful. Those qualities being the ability to communicate (he emphasized on the fact that students need to start developing this ability from day 1), the ability to come up with new ideas (however crazy they may seem as out of 10 bad ideas, one is bound to be a game changer), have faith in yourself, keep on learning, reinventing and challenging yourself. He went on to talk about leadership and quoted that, "the best form of leadership is influencing people without authority." He concluded his speech by stating that the students must make the most of their 365 days on campus, but also not to forget to have fun in the meantime.

Mr Mohan Lakhamraju, CEO & Vice Chairman, Great Lakes Institute of Management concluded the event by delivering a vote of thanks to Mr Dhall for gracing everyone with his presence and officially commencing the Gladiators batch.


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