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Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, hosted the Annual Alumni Meet at its new campus on 4th February 2017.With approximately 100 plus alumni in attendance along with the students of current batches, staff and faculty; the amphitheatre of the campus came alive making the Alumni Meet, the first major event on Campus after its inception in May 2016. The event was graced by the presence of Mr Krishnan Chatterjee, Head of Marketing, Indian Subcontinent at SAP as the guest speaker.

The event started with Great Lakes students’ band, Raagyadvik, playing amazing melodies that mesmerized everyone in attendance. The tunes took everyone down the memory lane and made them reminisce their college days.

Next, a nukkad naatak was performed by the Theatre Club – Natrang. The street play was a satire on the smoking habits of college students that delivered a positive anti-smoking message while making the audience howl with laughter.

What followed next was a solo singing performance by Mr Peeush Kumar and his soulful voice left everyone spellbound.

Dr.Himadri Das and Mr Mohan Lakhamrajhu addressed the gathering post lunch and introduced everyone to Mr. Krishnan Chatterjee who, apart from being the Marketing Head of Indian Subcontinent at SAP, is also the vocalist of ContraBand.

Mr Chatterjee then spoke to the alumni and the current students of Great Lakes and gave the mantra – “Create! Not just consume.” It simply means that an individual is not the work that he does, the car that he drives, the vacations that he takes etc. In order to live life and not just exist, everyone must do something that he/she is passionate about. Simply put, create something that gives value and meaning to you. Be it photography, music, writing, painting or any other thing that brings you happiness; pursue it.

He quoted his own example that the realization of being good at writing songs and becoming a musician struck him at the age of 32 and he didn’t look back since. When asked by Dr. Das that how he manages such a high pressure job and his passion for music simultaneously, he chuckled and replied that not watching TV and not constantly staring on his smartphone screen, leaves him with all the time in the world to manage his work and passion comfortably.

After a fun interaction with the students, it was time for the main event. The ContraBand members got on the stage and delivered a performance that cannot be described as anything but magic. The energy of the band members was infectious, the music was enchanting, the vocals were breath-taking, the lyrics had a soul and before we knew, everyone was standing up on their feet, jumping, dancing, and singing with the same intensity as the performers. Nobody wanted the concert to end, but just like all good things do, amidst the chants of “once more”, the evening also came to an end and it was time to say farewell again. Until next year, that is.

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