#Digital Nomads: Unraveling the Millennials' Way of Working and Living - Dr Poornima Gupta quoted in a story

The world always had nomads. But increasing demands, altering lifestyle and living in a digitized world along with the restraints of time have made way for what nowadays are being called as the "digital nomads."

Who are Digital Nomads?

The term digital nomad is a fancy term for millennials. Dr Poornima Gupta, Associate Professor, HRM & Organisational Behaviour, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, defines digital nomads as a "growing breed of entrepreneurs who embody the success and freedom that an Internet Lifestyle can provide." She further says, "More and more millennials are moving to this lifestyle. They have the money to spend that they earn through various income streams - blogging, training, e-products, internet e-commerce, webinars etc. They have a passion to travel and enjoy new things in life."

"Passion to travel" is an important takeaway from this definition. Millennials believe in having it all. They are not ready to settle or adjust or sacrifice. That is why the popularity of digital nomads has increased rampantly since the last few years. A digital nomadic lifestyle provides them with the flexibility to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations without too much inconvenience. Gupta says that this lifestyle is very common for single people or even couples. "Married people with kids rather prefer to or they have to be tied down to a particular place due to family considerations."

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