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Vaidyanathan K N

Vaidyanathan K N
Xavier Institute of Management & Research
Area: Strategy


 Dr. Vaidyanathan K N  iscurrentlyDirector, Xavier Institute of Management & Research, (XIMR), Mumbai.  Earlier, he was Chairperson, MBA - Global Business and Professor in-charge - Pharmaceutical Management,  NMIMS University, Mumbai. He designed and launched the two-year, full-time MBA (Global Business)  programme. The curriculum was modeled on par with some of the best B-schools in the world. He is  responsible for the up gradation of the two – year, full - time, pharmaceutical management programme,  along with the Chairperson of the programme. With the Chairperson of pharmaceutical management, he  overlooked the creation and launch of the 3 year, E-MBA programme by NMIMS designed specifically for  DRL,  Hyderabad. This programme is in high demand by  DRL employees. He has conducted various  programmes for  executives and Corporate, especially for the International Divisions.

 He was also Professor and Head – General Management, K.J.Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and  research, Mumbai. He designed the PGDBA curriculum which is in effect even today in its basic structure.  Conceived and designed the curriculum for the two- year, full-time, PGPIB programme. He has actively  participated in getting ISO 9000 certification. He continues to be a member of the Board of studies in the  International Business area.

 His area of interest is Strategic Management & International Marketing.


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