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Monika Mital

Monika Mital
Assistant Professor
Great Lakes Institute of Management
Area: Management Information systems


Monika Mital is an FPM (Information Systems) from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India with 22 years of rich experience in Corporate, Research, Training and Teaching. She has done her Master of Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and a Bachelor of Engineering from Punjab engineering College, Chandigarh.

She has actively participated and studied various research projects like E-governance at Ghaziabad Development Authority and projects, and has been part of the team planning the enterprise architecture, execution, application of methodologies, documentation and presentation of findings. Her Doctoral Theses has been in Issues in implementation of Software as a Service.

Publications / Research:

  • Adoption of Internet of Things in India: A Multiple Theory Perspective , Monika Mital, Victor Chang, Praveen Choudary, AshisPani, Zhilin Sun, Accepted , International Journal of Information Management , expected 2016 (Elsevier’s: SCI impact factor 2.3)
  • Cloud Based Management and Control for Smart Housing Communities, Monika Mital, AshisPani, Suma Damodaran, Ram Ramesh, Vol. 74 , pp- 162-172, Computers in industry , 2015 (Elsevier’s: SCI impact factor 2.062)
  • Implementing Software as a Service-Based E-Governance Solution: A Network Governance Perspective, Mital, M., Pani, A., &Damodaran, S., International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (IJOCI), 4(4),2014, 59-79.
  • Determinants of Choice of Software as a Service, Monika Mital, Ashis K. Pani, Ram Ramesh, Computers in Industry, Vol 65(5), 2014 (Elsevier’s: SCI impact factor 2.062)
  • Multihoming behavior of users in social networking web sites: a theoretical model, Mital,Monika and Sarkar, Sumit, Information Technology & People, Vol. 24, Vol. 4, pp.378 – 392 in 2011 (Emerald: SCI impact factor .95)
  • An Empirical Investigation into the Perceived Usefulness of Socio-technical Exchange in India, Mital, Monika, &Pani, Ashis K. , Journal of Internet Commerce, Vol.9, No.3, pp.208 — 221 in 2010
  • Information exchange and information disclosure in social networking web sites: Mediating role of trust , Mital, M., Israel, D., &Agarwal, S. ,Learning Organization, Vol.17, No. 6, pp.479 – 490 in 2010


  • Management Information Systems, Oxford University Press (India) in 2006

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