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Vishnu Prasanna J

Vishnu Prasanna J
Assistant Professor
Great Lakes Institute of Management
Area: OB and HRM


Vishnu Prasannais currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Management from Pondicherry University. He completed his M.Phil from PRIST University and Masters in Business Administration from Pondicherry University. His research interest includes topics related to Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.


  • Mr.J.Vishnuprasanna & Dr.C.Madhavaiah,“The workplace mistreatment in Amsham Pvt ltd - a new perspective” in International journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science, Volume 04 special issue 01, March 2016, ISSN:2348-7550
  • "Dimensional Study of Organization Citizenship Behaviour" published in Pezzottaite Journals, Vol 1, No:2, ISSN: 2279 - 0950

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