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Muthuraj M

Muthuraj M
Assistant Professor
Great Lakes Institute of Management
Area: Economics


M.Muthuraj pursued his M.A Economics (Hons) from Madurai Kamaraj Univeristy with second rank in April 2000. He received Ph.D in Industrial Economics, "A Study on Output, Growth, Inputs Productivity and Technological Progress in the Major Manufacturing Industries of Tamil Nadu" at Madurai Kamaraj University in 2005. His doctoral thesis earned him the Youngest Ph.D holder award at Madurai Kamaraj University’s history.

He is working as a faculty at Great Lakes Institute of Management, since June 2009. He also is doing Executive MBA in Great Lakes Institute of Management. His research areas include Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, and Rural Developmental Economics. He has a work experience of about five years in Micro Economics, Macro Economics and Business Economics.

He was previously associated with the Loyola College as lecturer and University of Madras as Lecturer cum Research Officer in the department of Economics and Agro Economic Research Centre (AERC) from July 2006 - June 2007. During his tenure at the AERC, he co-authored the final reports of two research projects entitled “Factors Affecting Fertilizer Consumption in Tamil Nadu” and “Estimation of Seed, Feed and Wastage ratio for Major Food grains in Tamil Nadu”. He was the key note for Board of Studies for various technical Universities. He has authored more than 10 articles in both International and National Journals. He attended and presented more than 25 papers at National level seminars. .

Muthuraj (born 4 February 1977) is the President of Professors Association of India founded in the year 2009, with the resolution of promoting research and reducing educational industrial gap and implementing higher standards of education. He is been addressing the grievances in the TV show telecasted live by a satellite television TV named Kalaingar TV, RAJ TV, Vasanth TV, and Polimer TV.

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