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Dear friends,

These are times of big change. The world of business is being shaped and molded into something very different by forces of nature. You are at the crossroads of a challenging, yet exciting moment in time. Organizations around the world are trying to reimagine their scope and scale of business. Customers are changing their fundamental behaviors and what they care about. Supply chains are being reinvented. Technologies and knowledge suited for the "business as usual" world may become obsolescent or at the very least, face the challenge to adapt to these changing times. At times like these, it is natural to ask the question, "How can I learn to lead my team and organization into a new future with vision and integrity?" At Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai, you will learn to challenge the status quo, free up your mind to think beyond the boundaries of what seems possible and find your true potential.

The mantra for success in the new world order will be one based on agility, flexibility, and fluidity of boundaries. Successful leadership will be based on openness to ideas, trust, and transparency. Technology will still be the big enabler. Organizations will continue to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to generate deep insights from data. There will be greater emphasis on online interactions, and consumers may shift even more towards e-Commerce for their needs. However, this will come with a significantly greater emphasis on trustworthiness and transparency in transactions and in service interactions. Where is the best place to get educated on what it might take to succeed in this environment?

It is a fact that you have plenty of choices. You are at a stage in your career where you could genuinely consider yourself to be well on the road to success at the pinnacle. However, the number of schools that are equipped to teach you all that you need to succeed in this new world can be counted on your fingertips. Some are very old, reluctant to change, slow to try anything different except incrementally. Their attitude is "This is how we have always done things." Does that sound "agile" to you? Others are young but lacking the resources, both human and financial, to drive significant change. Great Lakes Institute of Management is one of the top-ranked private business schools in the country. Even better, we have got there within 15 years after first starting operations. The reason we are there, ahead of several more well-established schools is our hunger for change. We believe in evolving with the needs of the market. That is why we were the first among all business schools to launch an analytics program, that is now rated as the best in India and the third best in the world, per Analytics Insight magazine. We do not take these accolades lightly. We believe in investing for the future, hiring the best talent, trained at top tier institutions from around the world, who are well-known for their scholarship and expertise. What you will experience in the classroom is an intense, hands-on, experience like no other. Consider the following piece of information. The average rating of faculty teaching in our PGXPM program is greater than 4.5 out of 5. These are rock stars who make the learning experience truly special for you.

Leadership also means knowing how to work as part of a team. The PGXPM program attracts a diverse class with varied and eclectic interests. Working in such teams will provide you a wealth of new perspectives from people belonging to different industries and functional areas. Beyond the interesting challenge of working as part of a cross-functional unit, managing deadlines, fragile egos, and alpha personalities, your teamwork will strengthen the quality of your learning experience and build a network of friends you can count on for a lifetime.

All of this will be experienced on a peaceful, sylvan oasis very close to the bustling city of Chennai, a LEED Platinum rated 27.5 acres campus, with pristine surroundings and liberal faculty-student interactions. Apart from regular classroom instruction, we have a variety of experiential learning modes of instruction where students learn by actual doing rather than theory.

One of my favorite sayings is by Wayne Gretzky, a legendary ice-hockey player in the US. When asked for the secret for his success, he said that others skate to where the puck is, whereas he skates to where the puck will be. Come skate with us – because you can be assured you will never be on thin ice in your careers after a Great Lakes experience.

Dr. Suresh Ramanathan
Dean & Principal, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai


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