Assistant Professor
Great Lakes Institute of Management

Area of Expertise: Human resources management, Organizational behaviour, Empirical research

Dr. Shameem's research primarily focuses on developing performance evaluation tools for supply chain networks using queueing theory, Markov chains and discrete-event simulation. Her other research interests include freight modelling and air traffic management. Her current research activities have focused on prescribing departure pushback control policies that can aid in mitigating airport surface congestion, and thus help in reducing fuel consumption as well as the resulting emissions during the taxi-out process.

Research Interests

Workplace behaviours, Application of Emotions and Cognitions, Consumer behaviour, Interdisciplinary behavioral studies.


  • Shameem, S (2017), Book on Emotional Labour: Comprehensive Review, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (Germany), ISBN-10: 3330328002, ISBN-13: 978-3330328006

Book chapter(s)

  • Shameem, S. and Ganesh, M.P. The mediating role of emotional labour between interaction characteristics and organizational citizenship behaviour, In Tilo Wendler (Ed) e-book, Challenges for Analysis of the business and economy, ISBN 978-3-927535-89-3, DCM-Verlag publications, 2012.

Case studies

  • Shameem, S. (2018, July 3). Case study "Dealing with workplace gossip", Human Capital Magazine.
  • Shameem, S (2017), Journey of an Edupreneur and Design Thinking Leader –(Under Review – Entrepreneurial Research Journal)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Shameem, S (2018), Book Review of "Winning on HR Analytics – Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage, By Ramesh Soundararajan & Kuldeep Singh, South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 25.1, 186-189.
  • Shameem Shagirbasha (2015). Does mode of interaction impact emotional labour? A mixed method study among service employees in India. Asian Journal of Empirical Research, 5(11), 196-205.
  • Shameem, S. and Ganesh, M.P. (2014) Exploring the Mediating Role of Emotional Labour between Nature of Interaction and Intention to quit, Journal of Business and Policy research, 9(1), pp.168-181
  • Shameem, S. and Ganesh, M.P. (2013) Effect of nature of interaction on organizational citizenship behaviour: Exploring the mediating role of emotional labour. International Journal of Commerce, Business and Management, 2(6), ISSN: 2319–2828.

Conference proceedings/Publications

  • Anubhav, M., Sridhar, S and Shameem, S (2019), Believe it or not! Antecedents and consequences of false news in marketing has been accepted as a poster at the Asia Pacific ACR Conference, IIM Ahmedabad,
  • Shameem, S and Bharadwaj,S (2018), Linking Cognitive appraisal, Emotional labour and organizational Citizenship behaviour among Indian Hotel employees has been accepted for presentation at the 12th Great Lakes NASMEI Marketing Conference
  • Shameem, S (2018), Emotionally Interacting with customers, Paper accepted for oral presentations at First PANIIT 2018 conference, IIT Roorkee.
  • Shameem, S (2018), How Emotional labour influences Organizational citizenship behaviour? Moderating Role of Perceived organizational support, Atheneaum IIT Madras, February 9th and 10th.
  • Shameem, S (2016), Exploring Emotional Labour among Indian Service Employees - Appraisal Theory Perspective, 26th Annual Conference of the National Academy of Applied Psychology, IIT Madras, 29-31 December, 2016.
  • Shameem, S. (2014) Examining the Moderation Effects of Individual Characteristics between Employee Customer Interaction and Emotional Labour. First HR Division conference of the Academy of Management (AOM) Beijing, China during June 15-16
  • Shameem, S. and Ganesh, M.P. (2013) Effect of nature of interaction on intention to quit- The mediating role of emotional labour. 23rd International business research conference, Melbourne, Australia, November 18-20. (Best Paper Award)*
  • Shameem, S. and Ganesh, M.P. (2012) Assessing sociocultural adaptation of international students: Comparison between India and Germany. National academy of Psychology conference, Bangalore, December 10-12
  • Shameem, S and Ganesh M.P. (2011) Emotional labour and its outcomes in cross cultural context: Role of organizational and individual characteristics. Yale’s-Great Lakes 6th International Conference. Chennai, December 28. (Best Research Proposal Award)*

Competitive research awards received

  • Best research proposal award at Yale- great lakes 6th International conference,2011
  • Best Paper Award at 23rd International business research conference, 2013.
  • Best Thesis Award at National Academy for Psychology conference, 2016

Invited News paper/Popular press articles

  • Shameem, S. (2017, October 25). Smiles and Frowns can Impact Bottom-line. The Hindu, pg. 4.
  • Shameem, S. (2018, Jan 26). "Hiring Trends for Management Students 2018". People Matters. Retrieved from
  • Shameem, S. (2018, March 13). "Despite several milestones, why are women still underrepresented in tech and boardroom"? Retrieved from

Consulting Projects

  • Housing Demand at Sricity, 2013-14

Invited speech/Panel discussion

  • Exploring OB and HR" to M.Sc students of Periyar University, Tamil Nadu- July 25 2014
  • "Does Individual characteristics moderate the relationship between employee customer interaction and emotional labour? Empirical Evidence from India" - Universität Göttingen, Institut für Psychologie, Sozial- und Kommunikations psychologie, Germany – May 11 2015
  • "Research Methodology for the Management Studies" at National Conference on Research Methodology, AMET University, Tamil Nadu, May 19, 2017
  • "Artificial intelligence and Emotions- Emerging Challenge in service sector" at International Conference on Contemporary challenges in Management, Idhaya college for women, Tamil Nadu, March 23, 2018
  • "Negotiations- Critical tool to HR" - Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry, June 23, 2018

Reviewer for conference/Journal

  • Reviewer, International Conference on Management and Information Systems (ICMIS-18), Bangkok
  • Reviewer, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Emerald Journal.

Research Grants received

  • Half Time Research assistantship (2010-2014) – IIT Madras
  • DAAD Scholarship (Apr’ 2012-Sep’2012) - Germany

Research papers under review

  • Mask IT with Emotions – Under Review – International Journal of Business and Information
  • Effect of Cognitive appraisal on Emotional labour – Under Review - Cornell hospitality journal (A category as per ABDC rating

Working papers

  • Believe it or not! Antecedents and consequences of false news in marketing - Anubhav Misra, IIM Ranchi, Sridhar Samu, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Shameem, S, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Psychology behind Gossips - Shameem, S, Great Lakes Institute of Management Sridhar Samu, Great Lakes Institute of Management Anubhav Misra, IIM Ranchi
  • Building a Great Organization – Think "Inverted Maslow Pyramid" Nixon Fernando, MIT school of Government (Honorary Service) Shameem, S, Great Lakes institute of management
  • Emotionally Interacting with Customers – What It Takes? A Study among Customer Care Executives Shameem S, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • A Holistic Framework for assessing Management Institutions using Balanced Scorecard Technique Umayal Karpagam, Great Lakes Institute of Management, L.Suganthi, Anna University, Shameem, S, Great Lakes Institute of Management.
  • Human Resources Information System –A Morphological Analysis - Shameem, S Great Lakes Institute of Management Angelin Vilma, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Factors Influencing Consumers’ Choice on Payment Methods- A Study on Organized Retail Shops - Shameem, S Great Lakes Institute of Management Nataraj, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Effect of Swearing on Impulse buying behaviour of Customers - Shameem, S Great Lakes Institute of Management Jasmeem Kaur, ZS Associates Krishna Gupta, Photon InfoTech


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • Babson
  • Bauer
  • Universite De Bordeaux
  • Hkust
  • UMKC
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