Ponmythili Muralidharan

Area of Expertise: OB,HR & Strategy

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Ponmythili holds PhD, FDP (IIM- Ahmedabad), M.Phil., MBA (Gold Medalist) and BE degrees to accord with my professional mastery in management studies. She is an ardent learner and works towards a better version of herself on a daily basis. She keeps chasing bigger dreams, which makes her life flourishing and enjoy the academic work she does.

Dr. Ponmythili's proficiency in public speaking and skillful at sharing knowledge with varying audiences is evident through the research papers that she has presented at top-tier international and national level management conferences (AOM, INDAM, Pan IIM, NAOP and IJAS), at workplaces (Great Lakes, Anna University and Vinayaka Missions University) and in the course of FDP and degree (IIM- A and Bharathiyar University). Furthermore, she is skilled at employing computer packages (SPSS, AMOS, Smart-PLS, Windows Office, etc.) in research as well as a teaching aid, with attendant testimonials from the students (PGPM, PGDM and PGPM Flex programs) equally affirming her ability to bring ease of understanding the concepts.

The conjunction of the roles of being Educator and Researcher enhanced her research skills and led her in publishing research papers - 1 in ABDC (C Level), 1 in SCOPUS indexed and 2 in peer-reviewed journals. Alongside her teaching skills led her to receive excellent feedback ratings (4.85/5; 4.7/5; 4.6/5) from the students consistently where both roles demanded rigorous and continuous contributions.

Research Interests

Her main research interest is in the area of transformational leadership, Self-Concept, Values, and Karma-Yoga.

Peer - reviewed Journal Articles

Publications: 4 Research Papers (1 in ABDC – C indexed, 1 SCOPUS Indexed and 2 Peer Reviewed)

ABDC – C indexed Journal
Muppidathi, P., & Krishnan, V. R. (2020). Transformational Leadership and Follower's Perceived Group Cohesiveness: Mediating Role of Follower's Karma-yoga. Business Perspectives and Research, https://doi.org/10.1177/2278533720966065.

SCOPUS Indexed Journal
Muppidathi, P., & Krishnan, V. R. (2015). Effect of transformational leadership on followers'collective efficacy and group cohesiveness: social identity as mediator. Humanities and Social Sciences Review, 4 (No 3, Sep 2015), 363-372

Peer Review Journal
Muppidathi, P., & Magesh, R. (2016). Impact of followers' self-expansion on relationship between transformational leadership and follower's identity. International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review, 2(No 1, 2016), 221-226.
Muppidathi, P., & Magesh, R. (2016). The effect of factors of transformational leadership on followers' duty-orientation in a research and development organization. International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review, 1(No 3, 2016), 257-262.

7 Top Tier Conferences (AOM, INDAM, Pan IIM, NAOP and IJAS)

  • "Post-COVID-19 Sales Force Effectiveness – A Qualitative Study" [with Dr. K. Rajeshwari, Great Lakes Institute of Management and Dr Shibashish Chakraborty, IIM Ranchi]. 28th Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Science Conference, at Baveno, Italy, between 12 July 2021 and 15 July 2021.
  • "Transformational leadership and group cohesiveness: Mediating role of followers' Karma-Yoga" [with Dr. Venkat R Krishnan]. Conference of the Indian Academy of Management, IIM Tiruchirappalli, 3 Jan 2020.
  • "Generation(s) of Art Vs. Genus of Valuation: A Match or a Mismatch?" [with Dr Vishal Gupta IIM(A), Dr. Kirshna Priya (Aurangabad University) and Dr. Sunita]. Academy of Management Conference 2017 – Atlanta, 4th- 8th August 2017.
  • "Impact of transformational leadership on group cohesiveness and followers' life-satisfaction" [with Dr. Venkat R Krishnan]. 4th Pan-IIM World Management Conference, IIM Ahmedabad, 14 Dec 2016.
  • "Impact of Transformational Leadership on Followers Collective Efficacy and Duty-Orientation" [with Dr. Venkat R Krishnan]. 26th Annual Conference of the National Academy of Psychology, IIT Madras, Dec 2016.
  • "Effect of transformational leadership on follower's collective efficacy and group cohesiveness: Social identity as mediator" [with Dr. Venkat R Krishnan]. at International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 15 January 2015.
  • "Impact of Transformational Leadership on Duty-Orientation of Followers: Self-Expansion as Mediator" [With Dr Venkat R Krishnan]. at 9th International Research Conference, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, 29 December 2014.

4 Working Papers (Future work)

  • "Post-COVID-19 Sales Force Effectiveness – A Qualitative Study" [with Dr. K. Rajeshwari, Great Lakes Institute of Management and Dr Shibashish Chakraborty, IIM Ranchi]. Planning to send to Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (ABDC – A level).
  • "Gender and overtime work: Evidence from textiles industry in India" [with Dr. Vidya Mahambare, Great Lakes Institute of Management and Dr. Sowmya Dhanaraj, Madaras School of Economics]. Planning to send to Personnel Review (ABDC – A level)
  • "Impact of transformational leadership on Follower's Life-Satisfaction: Mediating Role of Follower's Perceived Group Cohesiveness" [with Dr. Venkat R Krishnan]. Planning to send to Leadership and Organization Development Journal (ABDC – B level)
  • "A Study On the Impact of Transformational Leadership Behaviour On Self-Expansion and Duty-Orientation" [with Dr. Venkat R Krishnan]. Planning to send to South Asian Journal of Business Studies: Emerald Publishing (ABDC – C level)

Book Review

  • Book Review: Rajiv Malhotra. (2012). Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism. (New Delhi: HaperCollins Publishers India), pp. 474, ISBN 978-93-5029-190-0).


  • Reviewer for Personnel review journal (ABDC – A Level Journal).
  • Management and Labour Studies (ABDC – C Level Journal).
  • AOM, INDAM and PAN IIM Conferences.


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite Bordeaux
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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