5 Ideas for leveraging influencer marketing to foster consumer engagement | Prof. Debashree Roy writes for Financial Express

  • Oct 29, 2023 | Financial Express

The article highlights that businesses need to target authentic influencers who can create fresh content in their styles that distinguishes them from others. To increase customer engagement, businesses need to grasp the crucial interaction between influencer reputation, content quality, and influencer-brand fit. Businesses must consider the below factors to make the most of their influencer marketing: i) Influencer Post Frequency ii) Influencer Post Content iii) Influencer-brand Similarity iv) Emotional Value of Post v) Influencer Follower Size

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Beyond clicks and views: Unpacking the shift towards freebies in brand advertising | Prof. Debashree Roy writes for Financial Express

  • Oct 29, 2023 | Financial Express

The article highlights that persuading consumers via freebies is a creative approach that several companies employ to differentiate themselves. Freebies can take diverse forms, including free samples, extra quantity or additional volume for the same price paid, gifts, free service included with the purchase of a product, or even free subscriptions to OTT services.

Freebies operate on the principle of reciprocity, which essentially means that when consumers enjoy a brand’s freebies, they favorably reciprocate towards the brand, in the form of a) purchases, b) positive word-of-mouth, and c) brand loyalty.

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How emerging B-schools are creating an entrepreneurial generation in small towns | Prof. Raj Shankar writes for Education Times

  • Oct 21, 2023 | Education Times

The article highlights that Emerging B-schools are taking initiatives to encourage students from smaller cities and are beginning to seed the entrepreneurial generation in the country. For instance, B-schools identify the needs of students and fill them with creative solutions that allow them to experience the thrills of handling competitors, and customers, and to manage finances. When they hand over the business from the previous batch to the next, legal, valuation and negotiation issues bring learning, fun, and excitement.

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Goldin's research on US women's work patterns has resemblance | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for Live Mint

  • Oct 16, 2023 | Live Mint

The article highlights that India, infamous for a low proportion of women in paid work, has set a seemingly unreachable goal of more than doubling the proportion of women in employment by 50% by 2047. The future direction of Indian women's employment trend would largely be determined by the availability of respectable jobs and if the prevailing gender norms and infrastructure would allow women to take them up.

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Are Indians saving enough? There is no clear answer | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for Live Mint

  • Oct 09, 2023 | Live Mint

The article highlights that Indian household borrowings rose sharply last year, as per recently released Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data. This led to a decline in household net financial savings—defined as household financial savings during the year minus financial borrowings—to just about 5% of nominal gross domestic product (GDP) in 2022-23, a 2.5% annual drop. The justification, in line with the traditional economic theory, is that the Indian government and corporate sector need money to fund their investment plans, which would drive economic growth. In 2022-23, outstanding vehicle loans from banks grew 25%.

Inflation must be controlled to help corporations and households lower their spending. Apart from raising the cost of essentials, high inflation raised borrowing costs in fiscal year 2022-23 as RBI repo rate went from 4% to 6.5%. Controlling inflation would reduce interest burdens and improve savings.

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G20 Summit: A Chance To Bridge Skills Between India And US For Mutual Prosperity | Dr. Suresh Ramanathan writes for Zee News

  • Sep 09, 2023 | Zee News

Both India and the USA possess unique strengths and expertise in various fields, and leveraging these strengths can create a win-win situation for both countries. Some key areas of focus include education and skill Development, joint research initiatives and faculty collaborations, technology and innovation, (IT, AI, biotechnology, renewable energy, infrastructure etc.), entrepreneurship and startups, trade and investment, cultural exchange programs (in arts, media, tourism etc.), Professional exchange programs for working professionals, Knowledge sharing platforms etc.

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The Transformative Power Of A Global Faculty Network In Higher Education | Prof. Sanjoy Sircar writes for Opportunity India

  • Aug 21, 2023 | Opportunity India

The article highlights the transformative power of a global faculty network in higher education, exploring its role in cultivating a diverse and inclusive academic environment, enriching educational experiences, driving interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, expanding research networks and opportunities, and enhancing students’ global employability and cultural competence. This diversity of thought stimulates critical thinking, challenges established paradigms, and fosters intellectual discourse among students and faculty alike. Moreover, a global faculty network promotes an inclusive atmosphere where students from various backgrounds feel valued, respected, and empowered. By embracing cultural diversity, universities nurture a sense of belonging and cross-cultural understanding, preparing students to thrive in a globalised society where collaboration and empathy are essential.

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How Innovative Teaching Methods Can Engage Today's Learners | Prof. Pavithra writes for ABP Live

  • Aug 19, 2023 | ABP Live

Innovative teaching strategies have developed as useful instruments to bridge the gap between traditional instruction and the expectations of current learners. As educators and institutions continue to explore the possibilities of blended learning they move towards a future where education embraces the best of both worlds catering to the diverse needs of learners while embracing the advantages of modern technology.

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Beyond Disruption | Book Review by Prof. Suresh Srinivasan published by The Hindu Business Line

  • Aug 11, 2023 | The Hindu Business Line

The authors say it is possible for companies to reimagine growth without disruption and, thereby, eliminate the social cost of displacement. The ideas in the book prescribe that managers running companies should constantly explore unarticulated and unmet customer needs and customer pain-points, and in parallel, re-orchestrate the company’s capabilities to deliver solutions to such ‘pain points’ at a price-point that delights the customers, thereby, creating a new market by itself, which was neither visualised by the competition, nor by the customers themselves! Who are referred to as customers, encompasses not only their existing customers, but also potential ‘non-consumers’ who’s ‘pain-points’ can be addressed by extending the firm’s existing capabilities.

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Factory item prices must cool for lasting inflation relief | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for Live Mint

  • Jul 23, 2023 | Live Mint

The article highlights that inflation drivers are typically cost-push factors or supply shocks that temporarily result in high or low price-rise in specific items. If a supply shock is positive, say an improvement in technology or an increase in low-cost imports, then it caps the price rise for that commodity. If a supply shock is negative, such as an uneven and inadequate monsoon for cultivated food, it will result in temporary high inflation in affected articles.

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