Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC India @ Great Lakes

Mr Subir Mehra, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC India, was at Great Lakes on 4th Dec’2006. Graduate from Kellogg Graduate School of Business, he enthralled all of us with his talk on “Careers in Banking”. He took us through the various career options like Treasury, Corporate Banking, Trade Finance etc, and patiently went forward to answer every …. Read More

Faculty @ Great Lakes Series Vol 4

The crusade is almost mid way, and crusaders are enlightened with tremendous knoweldge transferred by some of the best in the profession. Some of the Prof’s we have had in last two terms are:- Mr Amitava Ghosh – Marketing Research He makes us learn, he makes us laugh, he makes us read cases like any …. Read More

Alumi Inc.@Great Lakes

8th July’06 would be taken down as a memorable day for Great Lakes Community. It was on this day that we had formal inaugration of Alumni Inc. at Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai. Uncle Bala along with T.T Durai were present there to grace the function with their blessings. The Inaugral Function was held …. Read More

Student’s role in Great Lakes

While Manik updates you all with the faculty and other related issues, I would talk more about the student activities and the way of life here. I guess you might have heard that students at great lakes involve in almost all the college related activities and contribute to the growth of the institution. Apart from …. Read More

A Tryst with Time – dealing with the nuances of life at business school

It was stated once by Einstein, that everything in this world is relative, whether it’s one’s money, happiness, performance or the most important treasure of all – time. Maybe that’s why people often forget to enjoy the present moment, always comparing their experiences to that of others’ or worrying about the future.  It’s funny though …. Read More


As freshmen, about to start an MBA, you’ll usually have many questions: How will you adjust to a completely new city? What will the language barrier be like? How are the professors at the school? Will you get along with the people there? How spacious are the campus hostel rooms? And finally, the most important …. Read More

PGPM or PGDM : Which and when is it better?

Great Laker Prapti Dhyawala, PGPM 2018, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai writes on one of the most debatable yet important topics that intrigues every MBA aspirant out there – PGPM vs PGDM, which is better? Read on to know more and to understand how one program is different from the other. A career is …. Read More

Why did I join the One-Year MBA program?

Akarsha Pandey from PGPM Class of 2020 shares her experience on how she decided to opt for a one year MBA program. She highlights the added advantages one gets to learn, despite having a work experience of 4.8 years at a top IT firm in the country.  MBA is the most sought-after degree for higher …. Read More