Great Lakers win accolades!

The conundrum of success and failure is never ending one. You don’t succeed if you don’t try. But when you try, failure is at a knocking distance. But try, you must! For starters a B School event is nothing like a normal event. Add a heap of a Quiz or two, 1 teaspoon of B …. Read More

The atavistic nature of great laker’s MBA

There has been a change in the atmosphere inside the campus. In the past couple of days, it has begun raining; the neatly ploughed fields beside the campus are drowned, the deepest of furrows marooned, only the tractor stands in the middle of the fields, lonely as if awaiting its turn to pluck the soil …. Read More

Buckle up your shoes-it’s a Great Laker’s b’day.

Everybody is studying for the test or busy with the assignment or doing pre reads in the evening. Suddenly the laptop flashes a mail with the subject “Birthday Boy”(BB) asking us to congregate in the hostel lobby or the auditorium to celebrate one of our batchmate’s birthday. We, being the time management gurus set the …. Read More

Great Lakers make a clean sweep @ DHL Simulation contest in Germany

Students from Great Lakes won all the prizes on offer at the DHL Fast Forward business simulation contest in Germany. The objective of the business simulation contest was to make a virtual logistics company the world leader by means of forward-looking management decisions, and to secure world quality leadership. The contest was launched in April …. Read More

Montek addresses Great Lakers

Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of the Planning commission, addressed students from Great Lakes during his visit to Chennai on January 8, 2009. Prof Bala V Balachandran, our founder and honorary Dean (fondly called Uncle Bala) set many tongues wagging by introducing Dr. Ahluwalia as the future finance minister of the country!!! In his …. Read More

A typical day in the life of a Great Laker….

8AM: I am on the beach having a good  time…..and all of a sudden, the alarm rings and I find myself on the bed and switch it off hoping to get back to the beach but it simply does not happen….eventually, after 10 minutes, i lift myself from the depth of the bed and walk …. Read More

creAdivity – Start up by Great Laker

creAdivity, an online marketplace started by one of my batchmate at Great Lakes is now making strides and gaining popularity. creAdivity is an online marketplace for selling and purchasing advertising ideas and campaigns. It acts as a meeting place for marketing managers/entrepreneurs of different organizations and creative people from different walks of life who can …. Read More

Great Laker launches portal

A very dear friend of mine is all set to launch his own website which would act like a platform between the young budding creative people and corporates and help both of them shake hands and create a win win situation. This would not only help the young people get an opportunity to showcase their …. Read More