The new Micro-economies of Manamai

With the new campus being set up just outside Mahabalipuram, I am fortunate enough to be part of a batch watching evolution right in front of my eyes. Just like the way, reptiles slowly took to the trees and began to fly after sprouting feathers, I find myself at a very interesting spot, watching numerous …. Read More

Mr Shiva Subramaniam, former consultant in creative learning and innovation for Tata Consultancy Services and Ms. Mrunalini on “Thinking About Creativity”

Mr. Shiva Subramanian, in a passionate lecture professed to the students of Great Lakes, the need for refining the thinking process. He ideated the thinking process in class, holding a bottle of Bisleri in his hand. And, he exclaimed “Is there anyone in this world who cannot be creative?” Ms. Mrunalini with her placating voice …. Read More

September: The fun-filled jam packed month!

September! A month that had everything that could possibly have happened in thirty days. Ganesh chaturthi had just gone by and people were under its euphoria when Sanghamitra took place, our bi-annual college festival. The hostel came alive during this period, there were practices for dance, singing, fashion show, skits etc in every nook and …. Read More

Am I Falling in Love?

It’s 12:13 in the night. Almost all the exams of Term 2 got over today and tomorrow no lectures! I am relaxed to the core! Music is playing in full volume in my laptop “Haule haule ho jayga pyar”….. Am I finally falling in love with the place? I came here on 23rd April, 2009, …. Read More

Gym Carrey, Catharsis and Light house.

 He is majoring in Finance, class 2010-batch ‘patriots’, and is one of the most friendly gym partner for the whole fitness frenzy population of our batch. His auto-biography is incidentally in lines to Great Lakes.  He wakes up early, jogs for a good hour or more in the fields surrounding our college. Drenched in sweat …. Read More

Charismatic Dr Harkant Mankad

Few lecturers inspire with their calm and ease as Dr Harkant Mankad. The three hour lecture passed by, and I remained seated for how long I do not recall even as the great man exited the hall. The composed, focused and thought provoking content of economics delivered at an almost luxurious pace is testimony enough …. Read More

Deserted Springs

Throughout our journey to the village, looking through the window I noticed a vaguely familiar disquiet. I could not put my finger on it, but the emptiness remained palpable. The wind caressed the tip of the green fields and they swayed in obedience, the tall trees with shifting leaves let the sun slip through the …. Read More


Holi-Day: For a change we did not have classes on the 11th of March .It all started when a few decided to shirk off their days sleep in pursuit of something more colorfully meaningful.  They went to the market to hunt for all possible coloring options. It was no day for dance and frolic for …. Read More