The Future Belongs To The Ones Willing To Get Their Hands Dirty

When I sit down to write this blog, a current of thought flashes through my mind; of all those glorious memories Great Lakes has bestowed upon me. This nostalgic mood of mine definitely motivates me to list down the crux of learning I gathered at Great Lakes. In particular, I would like to share my …. Read More

The Innovation Talk

Great Lakers were on a knowledge spree when just after a day receiving an excellent lecture from Dr Richa Pande on HR domain, Mr S.S.Prasad Satyavolu, Global Head- Innovation, Manufacturing at Cognizant Technology Solutions landed on the campus. Mr Prasad had a very informal but thought provoking discussion on innovation in business with students here. …. Read More

I don’t want to miss a thing…

… The journey so far. The Present: It is 3 AM and the four of us are wide awake: sitting by the beach at Pondicherry, sipping on our lime-stuffed Coronas and waiting for the sun to rise. Each one of us was occupying a place that was far apart from each other, we were all …. Read More

Finding fun and balance in a one year roller coaster

What never ceases to amaze me is how time passes by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday that I moved to Chennai and today I’m almost half-way through the course. We at Great Lakes have started with our specializations this term and life has been hectic for some. Of course, it promises to get …. Read More

The Locomotion!

She sat by the window; with her elbow rested on the window sill, supported her chin in her right hand’s palm. With a book in her lap, she began reading; every now and then, she would raise her eyes and look through the window in a stately, calm and intense contemplation. Gigantic poles separated from …. Read More

The Certain Disconnect

Today, we had the alumni meet at Great Lakes. For many of our alumnus, it must have been a great day to see an almost complete campus which is a farcry from the small single building at Saidapet. One could not help but notice the envy in their eyes that the Patriots batch (that’s us) …. Read More

Morning glory of canteen-spider of drowsiness

After filling her plate with bread sandwiches, a bowl full of cornflakes and hot milk, she proceeded to sit in a lonely corner of the canteen. There she held the sandwich loosely between her fingers and brought it closer to her mouth. She was in a rather pensive mood, for she bit into the sandwich …. Read More

Demon sleep, coffee hall and the sleepy white dog

Just as a young man seated near the window in the general compartment of a moving train is troubled by a sleeper jolting against him, Great Lakers seated near the window of the world in the compartment term 4 of the moving course MBA are troubled by the state of sleeplessness jolting against them perpetually. …. Read More