Contained in the tiny seed of today is the mighty oak of tomorrow.

It’s one thing to achieve excellence and quite another to sustain it. The former requires a spark of passion and a determination to take to the skies, the latter an immense amount of humility and dedication. Ten years ago, a man lovingly planted the seed of his dream in the soil of the earth. Nurtured …. Read More

The Sky is the Limit

A child looks up to his father. A nation looks up to their leader. Great Lakers look up to not one, but over a 100 motivational global thought leaders, in addition to its ensemble set of eminent professors. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, has had the opportunity to host over 100 global thought leaders …. Read More

Global Mind-set Global Alumni

  For a fish in an aquarium, the walls are the boundaries of his world. Put that fish in a pond, the boundaries that he sees transcends beyond. Put that fish in an ocean, he sees a whole new world. Ever thought of spreading your wings and soaring above in the sky, high above the …. Read More

Karmayoga: Experiencing Learning

How distraught were we when that dream job slipped out of the hands with the reason being lack of experience? How much anguish and remorse did we suppress when we put on that fake smile and walked out of the interviewer’s cabin when we were told that we lacked people management experience? And how about …. Read More

A day to remember – Alumni meet at New York City

It was a meeting filled with excitement and nostalgia for Great Lakers Sachin Dogra, Divya Singaravelu, Priti Bala, Vivek and Anand Joseph when they met Uncle Bala over Dinner on September 27th at New York City. Uncle Bala, was in NYC on a dinner invitation in honor of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, and …. Read More

10 Years, 10 laurels!

When a vision is set, it takes not only man-hours, but also immense dedication and passion to help the vision turn into reality. An example worth its weight in gold is the case of the Great Lakes Institute of Management. From its humble beginnings in 2004 inside a rented plot at Saidapet to, becoming one …. Read More

L’Attitude 13° 05’- Exuberance all around the campus – Day 2

Day two began on a higher note with competitions happening in parallel sessions, Great Lakers and students from other institutions fighting with high spirits to win each competition. Day two of L’Attitude 2014 had something on plate for each management stream, and some trend-setting novel ones as well. The marketing event, Invader, challenged participants with …. Read More