Paisa Vasool: From buyer’s dilemma to seller’s victory

A blog post by Vaishal Shah, PGPM 2017 The day was finally unraveled. The flamboyance at every stall caught attention even under the stifling heat. The far-fetched truth that I was finally one of the consumers made me feel disconsolate. My gloominess still drew me out of my territory, my canopy. The stall owners were …. Read More

Reflections from a Night Sky!

Can we draw comparisons between the night sky and our lives? Balaji Iyer pens his thoughts on a starry night. -Balaji Iyer (PGPM 2017) The sight of a starry sky at night seems magnificent, doesn’t it? A choice of perspective gives us an insight into the vast, admirable and learnable side of the night sky.How often have …. Read More

Coffee with Coffee-makers

An insightful post by Great Laker Divya as she discovers management in practice in a tête-à-tête with the women who give us our daily coffee. – Divya S (PGPM 2017) Come 11 am,with their swift movements in vending espressos and cappuccinos, heating puffs and sandwiches, and running back and forth to the cash counter, this …. Read More

Am I dreaming?

Newbie Great Laker Akash gets candid about the things that keep him alive and kicking at Great Lakes. – Akash (PGPM 2017) “Am I dreaming? “My drained body asked my slightly hallucinated brain. My brain then stimulated my senses, which then located a cup of coffee in my hand, a Vaio laptop placed safely on …. Read More

An Opportunity at Every Step of the Way

To quote Thomas Edison, the man that designed the electric bulb, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Being a management fraternity, we couldn’t have agreed more. What differentiates an entrepreneur is his or her ability to identify opportunities in the most trivial of things. What …. Read More

Go the EazyBasket Way

From midnight snacks to milk, from energy drinks to nutrient packed fruits – a student’s life thrives on these in-between indulgences. And why shouldn’t it? After all, it is often at odd times, perhaps when one is sitting with a cup of coffee or a bowl of fruit, that a nocturnal ‘Eureka!’ moment happens. Was …. Read More

When Excellence Is a Virtue, Winning Becomes a Habit

Great Lakers seem to have made it a habit of winning at the recently concluded Xlerate 2016, annual fest of XLRI by finishing overall second. This annual competition of pan Indian business schools in various sports and cultural events serve as a connecting platform for all the students of one year MBA programs. The three-day …. Read More

Won’t You Love Some Coffee with NRN?

Our Global Thought Leadership Series is an initiative to bring top Business Gurus and Thought Leaders to share their knowledge and insights with the decision makers and corporate leaders of India. At this year’s edition of the series, Coffee with NRN, we had the pleasure of inviting Mr. N R Narayanamurthy, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, …. Read More