What is it like to work for a startup?

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” was a popular adage which my professors would pull out from their hats all through MBA. Working at a startup concurs and contradicts this age-old adage at the same time. On a metaphorical level, you strive, you do things which you have never done before, and …. Read More

Alumnus Harshdeep Rapal Secures Seed Funding For His Startup

Congratulations are in order for Harshdeep Rapal (LinkedIn profile –https://in.linkedin.com/in/harshdeep-rapal-12202a2a) , our ‪‎alumnus‬ from the class of 2010, for successfully securing seed funding for his stealth-mode startup, Feelance Consulting. Feelance is a yet-to-launch online marketplace that would connect users with part-time resources for consulting projects. Harshdeep was earlier the Head of South East Asia operations …. Read More

The Coronavirus’ impact on the economy – simply explained!

Is India doing enough to tackle Corona? Is lockdown really a solution? How will Corona affect the economy? And how long will it take to recover? Has China won the World War III? There is panic, there is chaos, there are apprehensions about the future and we shall try to address all such questions in …. Read More

A Tryst with Time – dealing with the nuances of life at business school

It was stated once by Einstein, that everything in this world is relative, whether it’s one’s money, happiness, performance or the most important treasure of all – time. Maybe that’s why people often forget to enjoy the present moment, always comparing their experiences to that of others’ or worrying about the future.  It’s funny though …. Read More

IIM grads give I-banks a miss

The current economic slowdown, US-China trade war has had an impact on the choices made by Indian B-school students for the placement season. The number of banking roles, pure financial role, especially in Investment banking opted have come down. Students are more inclined towards consulting and technology roles. Blame it on the shift in trends …. Read More

Why India needs Social Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are the individuals who have innovative ideas to set up a business with all the risks involved.  On the other hand, social entrepreneurs are the ones who have most unique and innovative solutions to the intimidating social problems. They are determined and resolute, dealing with all major social issues and offering new ideas for large-scale change. From the …. Read More

Trends in Business Education

The year 2008 financial crisis paved for an emphasis towards risk management and sustainability in the economy. Events like this affect globally and create demand for what is needed in the market, leading to trends in Management and Businesses. The only way to adapt to these changes is through Education as the sector is also …. Read More