Pain, relief, nonchalance and ecstasy!!!…and back to the grind…

After the much feared yet highly anticipated first mid-term exam was out of the way we were awaiting with baited breath, the outcome of our efforts or a lack of them. While most of us took the oft-taken approach of studying, learning and teaching our peers (in short…burning the midnight oil and looking for more …. Read More

Karma Yoga Project.

Great Lakes students realize their social responsibilities through the karma-yoga projects working with powerless people.   Jaycees of Great Lakes have started their first term with an assignment on the karma yoga project. This project requires all the students to work with powerless people to understand their responsibilities towards the society, as a part of …. Read More

B-School Ratings by Career Launcher

Dear All, Pls see the B-School clustering done by Career Launcher. All GreatLakers wish to see GLakes in Cluster 2 with in the next 2 years and in Cluster 1 in 5 years. Lack of infrastructure ( the second imp criteria in ranking methodology) is the only reason for us not to be in Cluster …. Read More

Dr. Philip Kotler’s visit

Guess what… GLakers are going to have a special privilege of meeting Dr.Philip Kotler, the marketing guru, next month. Its a rare opportunity for any Indian management school students to meet such an esteemed and renowned person from the management teaching circles. GLakers are hoping to use this occasion to the best and gain some …. Read More